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Rent Smart-Wise & ReadyRent Smart-Wise & Ready

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Description of Series:

While homeownership may seem to some as the "American Dream," it is not always the desire or best option for others. There are a variety of reasons renting is the better option. If that sounds like you, this series of three modules will help to prepare you for navigating the world of renting.

Module 1:

In this first module, you will be able to list the primary parties involved in the renting process, along with each of their responsibilities. We'll discuss good methods of communicating with these parties, and then the "value propositions" for each - that is, the "wants" from everyone involved. 

Module 2:

Module 2 navigates the steps to finding a place to live, such as figuring out what's affordable to you, finding a place, and then ultimately sending in an application! We'll provide helpful tips and tricks on finding the best place for you, while also making your rental application stand out from the rest.

Module 3:

This final module explains everything there is to know after your application has been submitted and (hopefully) approved! It's time to move in! We'll go over your rights as a renter and the best ways to get off to a good start with your landlord, and your new home.

Valid for: 6 Month(s)


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Online Lesson2. Steps to Finding a Place to Live -
Online Lesson3. Residency -
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