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Build Wealth's Family Stabilization PlanBuild Wealth's Family Stabilization Plan

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The Family Stabilization Plan program is a comprehensive 10 module training program that helps those that enroll and complete the program gain stability and learn, grasp and navigate through financial and social systems. Through the Family Stabilization Plan, you will position yourself to build sustainable social and economic generational wealth.   The objective is to help you gain strong knowledge of financial, economic, investment, housing, insurance and other social systems to help yourself and your family effectively navigate through these systems without being taken advantage of to build and sustain generational social and economic wealth.

1) The Value of Sustainable Wealth - This module provides an in-depth evaluation of the value of relationships, which includes prioritizing, assigning values, and deciding the health of them. It also defines and helps you create a workable budget to balance relationships, income, savings, spending, debt reduction and goal setting in addition to making healthy choices and shifting behaviors around money and relationships.

2) Impact of Income & Savings on Relationships - This module provides a comprehensive approach to defining how much money it costs to operate your household, in addition to calculating exactly how much money you earn and what comes into your household each month. It explores ways to monitor expenses that help you clearly define effective spending and savings plans.  It also provides unique tools to define how much you are worth to the workforce based on your experience, education and skill sets and how to maximize your earning potential.

3) Money Management - This module provides an in-depth evaluation of spending patterns and how to calculate reasonable proportions for specific areas of expenses. There is also an evaluation and instructions on how to calculate manageable debt ratios for housing, consumer debt, total monthly debt (DTI) and transportation expenses. 

4) Assets & LiabilitiesPreparing for Generational Wealth - This module provides an in-depth look at the valuation of assets, net worth, liabilities and how it impacts the wealth of your family.  It also provides details on investing, the stock market, mutual funds, retirement accounts, risk, return, profit, capitalism and business development processes and how they can build wealth for your family.  

5) Credit - Understanding the Use & System of Credit - This module provides a comprehensive definition of the current credit system which includes its origin, repositories, scoring, use, access and pathway to build and maintain credit presence to maximize wealth building opportunities.  It explores the tools to show you how to repair and restore credit that may have been hurt due to lack of understanding of the credit system.   

6) Building a Banking Relationship-Everything You Need to Know About Banks This module  provides a comprehensive definition of the banking system and how it impacts the economy and your family. It also helps you learn how to choose which banks to enter into relationships with and details on the services and products they provide. This can help you maximize opportunities to lower costs and build and maintain wealth for your family. 

7) Consumer Protection/Predatory Practices - This module provides an in-depth look at predatory practices that tend to take advantage of consumers, costing billions of dollars a year for families. It also provides detailed protection measures you can take to shield your family from becoming a victim of predators that are looking for unsuspecting consumers. It provides a detailed list of ways to fight back and who to contact if you suspect you or someone you know that may be at risk of being taken advantage of.  

8) Financial Success & the Tools to Obtain It - This module will help you examine your values and how they shape your personal, financial, economic and financial goals.  It provides tools for examining healthy positive relationships that help position you for success. You will learn how to develop an effective budget and explore succession planning, including insurance options to protect your family's future. It will provide tools for setting up short, mid and long-range goals to help position you to make sound financial decisions. 

9) Homeownership: Preparing for the Pathway to Homeownership - This module takes a detailed comprehensive approach of providing participants everything they need to start and become successful in finding and purchasing a new home. It details the process and identifies the trusted, reputable mortgage industry professionals you will need to help you throughout the homebuying process. You will learn the pathway and costs associated with becoming a homeowner. It also provides a library and index of important documents and processes that you will need to know to protect your family during the homebuying process.

10) Protecting Your Assets & Building Your Family Stabilization Plan - This module provides a great summary of the entire curriculum and helps you with developing and putting into place protections for the new assets and wealth you and your family will be on the pathway to build.  This lesson will help you shape and use all the tools you learned along the way to design an effective "Stabilization Plan'' for you and your family to build generational wealth.


Estimated Length: 6 hour(s)
Time Limit: 90 day(s)
Valid for: 1 Year(s)


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Online Lesson1. Unit 1: The Value of Sustainable Wealth -
Online Lesson2. Unit 2: Impact of Income and Savings on Relationships -
Online Lesson3. Unit 3: Money Management -
Online Lesson4. Unit 4: Assets and Liabilities -
Online Lesson5. Unit 5: Credit -
Online Lesson6. Unit 6: Building a Banking Relationship -
Online Lesson7. Unit 7: Predatory Practices and Consumer Protection -
Online Lesson8. Unit 8: Financial Success and Tools to Obtain It -
Online Lesson9. Unit 9: Preparing for Buying a Home -
Online Lesson10. Unit 10: Protecting Your Assets and Building Your Family's Stabilization Plan -
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